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Pre-Winter Caulking

With summer sadly coming to an end, checking your home’s exterior window and door caulking for cracks and gaps can be a great step to prepare for the upcoming cold months. The hot summer weather can dry out and crack caulking around windows and doors and break the seal.  A good seal is essential for efficient heating and keeping your energy use and cost down in the winter.  A good caulking job can help keep out moisture and even keep insects from making their way into your home.

Visually scan the exterior of your home, paying special attention to areas around doors and windows, wall and roof vents, and even skylights for places where the caulk needs to be filled in.  Depending on the weather, you may even be able to feel a draft from your heating/air conditioning inside leaking through to the exterior. Another good place to looks is around any outdoor faucets, gas pipes and electrical lines come into the house.

If you see some places that need filling in, take a moment to prepare the area.  If the area is pretty clean, go ahead and strip and scrape out the old caulk and wipe everything down with a damp cloth to remove any loose debris or dirt.  Let everything dry for a few minutes before you begin caulking.

Depending on the material you are using the caulk on, make sure you are using a quality product made for the area you are applying it to. Most exterior surfaces can use a good quality polyurethane caulk as it is flexible  and can last a while in extreme conditions.

Load up the caulking gun and apply it directly to the area you’d like.  It’s not necessary to smooth out the caulk after it has been applied, but many prefer the look of it smoothed out. If you want to smooth it out, make sure you do it before it begins to dry, or it could cause it to crack.

Give the caulking 12 – 15 hours to set and dry out completely, and you should be done.  You are now one step closer to keeping your home cozy and warm throughout the wet winter!


Washington is “Best State to Make a Living In”

Forbes ranks Washington state #1 in their article “Best and Worst States to Make a Living In“.  They took in account factors such as workplace conditions, cost of living, taxes, income and unemployment rate to rank all 50 states. We’ve always loved our home state, and it’s nice to see some recognition nationally for something besides our rainy weather.

In 2012, Virginia held the #1 spot but we knocked them down to #2 this year! What state has the worst rating? Hawaii.  Even though they have the best workplace environment score, their high cost of living  offset it to put them at the bottom of the list. It looks like the results would have ended up a lot differently if weather was to play in this list!

New Website, New Look, Same Quality Custom Work

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.  Even though we have a new look, we still have the same quality work in our custom homes and remodels and we are still located in Issaquah.  We needed a fresh look and we feel this website will allow us to showcase our work.  Let us know what you think!

Top Floor Addition Before and After

Here are some before and afters of a project we did a few years back. This family loved where they were living & didn’t want to move, but needed a bonus room for their growing family.  We took off the roof and went up to add this amazing space. We know some of you have already seen these before but it never hurts to revisit.