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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is extremely hard to get right. There are not very many options to choose from (especially in Washington state), and it seems like someone in the industry just really needs to figure it out. The bathroom is where you need task lighting the most, aside from the kitchen. Personal grooming, and small intricate tasks are generally done in the bathroom and these activities require adequate lighting without creating shadows.

vanity lightsFinding the right bathroom/vanity lighting fixture to go in your home can be challenging. The ones that will provide the best light are not always the best looking. There is a reason that almost every “backstage” area where stage performers apply makeup have the same type of vanity lighting.  The long bar with multiple bulbs (vanity globes) seems to work the best for illuminating the vanity area well without casting shadows. If this style doesn’t fit your bathroom’s style, choosing other styles is an option, but just know that you will need to invest some time in finding a high quality and well rated bathroom light fixture. If you travel a lot, and are thinking about redoing the lighting in your bathroom, check out the lighting stores in other states or countries that you visit, chances are their selection and quality may be better than what you’ll find around town on the Eastside or even Seattle.

We’ve found that most of the lighting fixtures we install need to be custom ordered from lighting stores that we know produce the highest quality fixtures.  Bathroom lighting isn’t something you can just pick out at the local hardware store without doing some research.  Investing some time in finding the right fixture to go with your existing decor and your lighting needs will really pay off in the end.  Good lighting will help you and your bathroom looking your best!

Paint – Don’t Pick off of a Chip!

paint chipsPicking the right paint color for your house exterior or an interior room can be extremely frustrating. Color can change so much based on what it is next to, or even the current lighting in the room or angle of the sun (exterior) can make it look completely different.  There are so many colors to choose from, and while one color may look very similar to another, when they’re up on a big wall or surface they can look like opposites.

The most valuable tip for anyone trying to find the right paint color for their home is to NEVER base your decision solely off of a sample chip.  Sure, you can use paint chips to get an idea for what colors and tones may look good, but do not buy the paint gallons until you’ve tried the actual color on the walls.  Many times the sample chip you pick up at a store isn’t actually the paint color itself, and is just ink from a printer on paper.  When choosing the chip at the store, try and hold it up to something white so that you can see the true color (other colors can throw off the tone).

Fork over the extra $4-$5 for the actual liquid paint sample and try it on a well lit area (preferably next to the trim) in or on your home. Don’t let the extra time to apply the sample and money come between you and the perfect paint color, you may be surprised by what you find. The actual painted sample on the wall beats a paint chip every time.  Many experts can pick a house out on the street that was painted based on a paint chip – don’t let that house be yours!