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Molding Details – Make or Break a Look

owk150413sMolding details are one features that can can add value to your home.  Molding, if done correctly, can make a room or space seem more upscale and up-to-date. Molding can give a home a distinction, add architectural dimension, and make a space look truly special and luxurious.  It can be used to frame windows and doors, and even line the base and top of walls.

Crown molding is typically installed right where the ceiling meets the walls.  There are many different styles of crown moulding, ranging from very ornate to simple flat wood trimmings. It adds dimension to a room and shows that the homeowner’s have put effort into making their home look it’s best.

owk150413dWill molding work for your house? Many homeowner’s are concerned about ceiling heights, and getting the right look for their homes’ style. If your room’s ceiling height seems too low, there are options for crown molding that can be considered.

Many people believe that molding is too expensive, but there are many options for all budgets. Many people view a home with molding as “finished”, and that can give you an edge in today’s competitive housing market.  Speaking with a qualified contractor can help you determine if your home is right for crown molding.