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Client Testimonial

Englund Construction’s #1 goal is to make our clients happy. We want you to be satisfied with the results, and will go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right!

We understand how frustrating and stressful building and remodeling can be, and we’re here to help make the process less stressful on you and your family.

Recently, we were lucky enough to have a client write us a letter thanking us for a job well done. We’re flattered, and wanted to share it with our friends:

Englund Construction Testimonial Actual testimonial received from a client.

If you’re unable to read the image, it says:
“To: Tad Englund

Shirley and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the fantastic results you accomplished on the remodel of our home. It has surely far surpassed our expectations and we really love every aspect of the design and quality of workmanship you and the subcontractors you selected put forth in this project.

So, while we take a short pause to move in, unpack, and decorate prior to any further work to be done, we wish you and Rich all the best of health and success until we meet again.

Thank you,
John (Jack) Cutler, Homeowner”


Cabinet Hardware

There are a lot of details that go into kitchen and bathroom remodels. Picking out the correct cabinet hardware is a hard choice for many. A lot of the decision making comes down to personal preference on esthetics. There are a lot of styles and sizes to choose from, and many people don’t realize that there are design “rules” to picking the right products.

Depending on the face of the cabinet or drawer, the hardware you select could look undersized or oversized. When selecting the size of the hardware for drawers try to remember the rule of thirds. The drawer pull can be up to 1/3 of the overall width of the face of the drawer. Don’t get too stuck on this rule, but it is one that many interior designers use when choosing the right hardware for their clients.


Cabinet doors are a little different and should be a smaller version of the drawer pull since they are typically placed on the lower edge of the door. If it’s oversized it can throw off the balance of the whole room. Cabinet hardware is typically less than 6″ in length for upper cabinet doors.

Like we said before, there are a lot of colors and styles of cabinet/drawer hardware to choose from. Choosing the color of the hardware comes down to personal preference. If you really want your hardware to make a statement you can use copper or metallic pulls.  Also keep in mind the other “hardware” in the area. What color/finish are light fixtures or appliances? If they’re stainless or nickel, you could consider getting cabinet hardware to match.


Ergonomics shouldn’t be ignored.  Keep in mind how often you’ll actually be using these cabinet and drawer pulls. What works best for you? Are knobs or pulls more comfortable and easier to use? Most of the work done in these areas requires the use of one hand or even a few fingers while cooking, so choose something that is practical.


Sometimes different brands and finishes can be intermixed, depending on the material and product, but typically it’s best to find a manufacturer that has pulls and knobs that you like.

Builders, like Englund Construction, are excellent resources when it comes to choosing the best hardware for your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. We help our clients make decisions like these every single day!

Don’t Re-muddle Your Home,Remodel It!

The internet is full of ideas on how to DIY everything, from small ideas to whole home renovations. People are looking for ways to save money any way they can, and going the DIY route can seem like the best choice. DIY jobs may seem like you’re saving money at first, but they can end up costing you much more down the road. While we believe it is good to see people starting to try things on their own (example – fixing a leaky faucet or landscaping), some projects should be left to the professionals.

Most of the “cool”, new, “easy” projects you see on the internet aren’t what they seem. Understand that most of the tutorials you see out there are filtered representations from professionals. Chances are your project won’t look as good as it does in the photos. 90% of the stuff you see won’t add value to your home, and will be a trend that comes and goes with the wind.


Many homeowners who have decided to try to take matters into their own hands to remodel a room in their home have regretted that decision a few hours into the project. A botched DIY project can end up costing you twice as much as it would’ve if you went with a professional at the beginning.

Materials and tools can cost a fortune. Your time researching the proper methods could be spent doing better things. Most DIYers greatly underestimate the amount of time they will actually be spending on researching, preparation and cleanup, not to mention the time spent actually doing the job. The project will likely take at least twice as long to complete if you choose to go it alone.

Mental anguish and embarrassment are bad enough. Remodeling can be dangerous, not only to your home, but to your health. If you’re not used to operating tools or working on a ladder, don’t start now. It’s not worth the risk of losing a finger or hurting your back.

Consider your time. Is it worth it to spend 10-15 full hard-working hours to do something you could pay a professional to do? Is this how you want to spend your free time?

Professional remodelers and contractors can assess the area and help you see what is actually structurally doable. Don’t go knocking out that wall without consulting a professional!

One of our Family’s mottos has always been “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!” Don’t settle for the cheap looking alternative. Hire a contractor for your remodeling needs.

Kitchen Remodel in Sammamish

Sammamish Kitchen Remodel

Our featured remodel today is the Sammamish Kitchen Remodel we did in 2013-2014. We pushed the window wall out about 5 feet and took out the hallway closet to enlarge the entry by 3 more feet.

Check out the finished product -

Remodel in Sammamish, WA

Sammamish Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel in Sammamish

Thanksgiving Safety

Happy Thanksgiving from Englund Construction!


Did you know that Thanksgiving Day home fires cause more property damage and claim more lives than fires on any other day of the year? Obviously, cooking is the leading cause of the home fires on Thanksgiving Day.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially on Thanksgiving Day. The area can be quite chaotic with all of the main and side dishes being prepared all at once. Prior planning and preparation can prevent throwing things together last minute, and can help you organize your time more efficiently.

With the large groups of people and football games going on, it can get crazy. It’s not hard to forget about a pot of something cooking in the corner, but this can be very dangerous. Most of the fires on Thanksgiving are caused by unattended appliances.

Deep frying your turkey is more dangerous than more traditional methods. Turkey fryers can be tricky, and they can tip over and spill hot grease all over the place. Grease fires can be deadly and spread really quickly. If you do like deep frying your turkey, use extreme caution and never leave it unattended.

If you want to make sure your kitchen is free from fire damage this year, you can try to follow some of our Turkey Day safety tips:

  • Pay attention to your turkey. If you plan on letting it cook for hours on end, have a “keep watch” schedule with your housemates and check it regularly.
  • Plan out your day and meal plan. If you want to watch the game, plan to have most of the cooking already done before it starts, so you are not distracted while cooking.
  • Do not overfill the oil in the fryer pot. If you overfill, it can lead to hot oil spattering and spilling over when you lower the turkey into it. Oil can hit the burner on the stove and instantly catch on fire (and spread quickly)
  • NEVER spray water on a grease fire. It will spread and get out of control. Keep a fire extinguisher handy especially if you are deep frying
  • If the cooktop is on, do not leave the kitchen. Keep an eye on the food.
  • Check food that is baking or roasting regularly
  • Keep your pets and children out of the kitchen while the dangerous tasks are being preformed.

We hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

Maple Valley Remodel

We’re working on a complete home remodel in Maple Valley and have included some of our photos of the progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, the entire home is being gutted and redone. We can’t wait to post more photos of the progress and finished product! Stay tuned!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! Wether you are going out on the town or staying in for a quiet night, Englund Construction wishes you and your family a happy and SAFE holiday.



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