Wallpaper Nightmares

Wallpaper has come and gone out of style countless times in the interior design world.  It can help you achieve a different look, and there are many tempting patterns and styles to choose from.  Wallpaper can even seem easy to install, and many manufacturers have come out with “new and improved formulas” that claim to be maintenance free and fool-proof.  If you are considering wallpaper in your home or office, make sure you think long and hard about it before jumping in.

Installing wallpaper is never as easy as it seems. If you want it to look good, a lot of measuring and skill is needed to make it look right, and even if you have a ton of experience, it can end up looking like a disaster or take you ten times longer than you thought it would.

Installing is one half of the story.  What you like today will likely soon be out of style. The cost of removal and repair typically outweighs the benefits of installing. Taking wallpaper down is quite the process and getting everything removed is almost impossible.

The moral of the story is to think before you decide to plaster you walls with glue and paper. Is this style something you can live with for years to come? Are you sure you want to deal with the hassle in a few years to remove it?  If it were up to us, wallpaper would be outlawed across the nation. Paint is a far easier to work with and a lot more budget friendly.